Mmm, it smells good! I haven’t baked cupcakes in forever. Somehow the cute little things have gone a bit out of fashion, but my cute Easter bunny cupcakes are really delicious and you have to try them! Read more here: https://www.zeit.de/zustimmung?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.zeit.de%2Fthema%2Fostern

The cupcakes are also not as overly sweet as one would expect from their appearance. They taste very lemony and fresh. The topping contains only a little white chocolate and no extra icing sugar – as usual. But let’s finally start baking!

Preheat the oven to 170 degrees circulating air. Then put flour, cornstarch, vanilla sugar, cane sugar and salt into a mixing bowl and mix everything well. Then add eggs and milk, stir briefly and then stir in the butter in flakes. Then you grate ⅔ the lemon peel and stir it into the dough.
Now lay out a mini muffin tray with paper or silicone cups and put 1 tsp. of dough in each cup. Then bake the muffins for 13-15 minutes until they are golden yellow, make a test with sticks and let them cool down well.
For the topping, chop the white chocolate and melt it in a water bath. Be careful, white chocolate must not get too hot. It is better to melt it slowly.
Remove the chocolate from the water bath and stir in the room-warm cream cheese by the spoonful. If the chocolate should form lumps too quickly, hang the mass in the bain-marie again. Then grate the rest of the lemon peel into it, stir well again and fill the topping into a piping bag. Alternatively you can also use a breakfast bag and cut off a corner.
Then spray a blob on each muffin and spread it with a knife. It is best to put the cupcakes in the fridge again to make the topping firm.
For the ears, place the wafers on a board and cut out the ears with a knife. From each wafer I cut two big and two small ears. I painted some of the ears with liquid food colouring in pink. Put yours into the cupcakes just before serving, because after about 2 hours they soak through in the lower part and then bend a little.

The cute Easter bunny cupcakes are just the thing for Easter brunch

Why not put them on the buffet together with the mini omelettes, freshly baked yeast dough Easter bunnies and small quiches.

If you like the delicious recipe, try it out quickly or remember it from Pinterest. Have fun baking! And pssst, without ears the cupcakes are just the thing for every summer party.

Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy, here come my cute Easter bunnies made of eggs! They are the perfect decoration for Easter and made really fast. How about a cosy craft Sunday with the whole family?

Blowing out the eggs is unfortunately the least fun

Who doesn’t know that you decide not to blow so hard that your cheeks hurt, and then you do it anyway… BUT, with a few little tricks it is easy and painless.

Wash the eggs once very thoroughly with warm water and remove any dirt and the stamp. Spray the upper part of the egg with disinfectant and let it work for a short time to prevent salmonella.
Then prick a hole in the top and bottom with an egg pricker or another pointed object (roulade needle, roast thermometer, darning needle, etc.) Make the hole on the underside a little larger (approx. 3 mm).
Then pierce the yolk in the egg with a toothpick and stir it gently, because you can blow it out much better this way.
Now you hold the egg over a bowl and blow strongly through the upper hole, so that the egg white and yolk come out at the bottom.
Then rinse the eggs once more. If there are still remains of the stamp visible, you can remove them with a dirty eraser.
With the blown out egg you can now make delicious mini omelettes, scrambled eggs or quiche. Yummy!

First you roll out the Fimo on a super clean surface (believe me, on white Fimo you can see every fluff…) about 0,5 cm thick, put the pattern for the feet on it and cut it out with a knife. Then bend the back part upwards in a right angle, form a small hollow in the middle with your index finger and put the feet on a baking tray covered with baking paper. Now bake the feet for 30 minutes at 110 degrees.
Meanwhile you paint the blown-out eggs with a face. First I painted the eyes, nose and cheeks, let them dry and only then painted the whiskers on top of them. So that the eggs don’t roll away while drying, it’s best to put them into egg cups.
Now put the ear pattern on the paper and transfer it once right side up and once mirror-inverted for each rabbit. Then cut out the ears, cut out small corners on the lower side and fold them over about 0.4 cm wide. Then glue them onto the egg with all-purpose glue. If you like, you can fold the ears in the lower part in the middle to make them look more plastic. When the glue has dried, fold the ears a little bit so that they fit well to the egg and stand upright.
Take the Fimo out of the oven, let it cool down for about 5 minutes and then glue the eggs on it. Ready, now you can decorate.